Commands for GIO Server

GIO doesn't have in-game commands so you can only do it via Web Command and Discord Bot

List of Basic Commands:

stamina infinite off|on
energy infinite off|on
kill self
kill monster all
wudi global avatar on|off (your infinite hp)
wudi global monster on|off (monster infinite hp)
talent unlock all
point 3 all (unlock all teleports)
quest accept 30904 (Unlock Multiplayer)
quest accept 35801 (Unlock Wish)
quest accept 35603 (Unlock Fly)
equip add 13501 90 6 (item_id=13501 level=90 protomte_level=6) (Add Weapons)
item add 102 555 (102=id_item) (555=Amount) (Add Item)
item add all (add all item + including all characters in level 1)
item clear 102 555 (Remove item)
avatar add 10000002 (Add character) (10000002=Ayaka :*)
quest add|accept|finish 30302 (Add/Accept/Finish Quest)
player level 60 (Level Player)
jump 1009 (Teleports to scene_id) (1009=AngelShare, not all id_scene work)
goto 1 1 1 (x,y,z in gc use /pos to see location)
dungeon 30604 (30604=id_scene not work) (Teleports to dungeon)
monster 20010101 5 20 {20010101=id_monster,5=total,20=level} spwan monster
mcoin 10000 (Genesis Crystal)
scoin 10000 (?)
hcoin 10000 (?)
home_coin 1000 (Realm currency)

Commands for GC Server

General Commands:

  • /prop um 1 - Unlock all of the Map + Teleports
  • /prop osall 1 - Unlock all Side Content + Map Barriers | Restart the game after using this.
  • /g avatars x1 lv90 c6 sl10 - Unlocks all characters at Lv90, Constellation 6, Talents Lv10 (Traveler not included.)
  • /g weapons x1 lv90 r5 - Grants x1 of all weapons at Lv90, Refinement Lv5
  • /prop wl 8 - Sets your World Level to 8.
  • /prop player_level 60 - Sets your AR Level to 60.
  • /prop abyss 12 - Unlocks up to Spiral Abyss Floor 12. | This game mode is bugged as of current.
  • /prop BPLevel 50 - Sets your Battlepass to Lv50. | Prevents annoying notification icon.
  • /prop nostamina on|off - Turn unlimited stamina on or off. | Good for high latency connections.
  • /prop godmode on|off - Turn unlimited health on or off. | Good for very high latency connections.
  • /setFetterLevel 10 - Sets the active character's friendship to Lv10.

Commands for Traveler:

To level & ascend Traveler, collect Adventurer Rank rewards after setting AR level.
  • /prop se <element> - While Traveler is active, sets their used element.
  • /setConst 6 - Sets the active character's constellation to 6 - usable on each element.
  • /talent all 10 - Sets the active character's combat talents to Lv10 - usable on each element.

Grants Ascension materials.

/g 202 2100000 - 

/g 104003 500

/g 100024 200

/g 112005 100

/g 112006 100

/g 112007 100

Glider Skins:

/g 140001

/g 140002

/g 140003

/g 140004

/g 140005

/g 140006

/g 140007

/g 140008

/g 140009

/g 140010

How do I make artifacts?

  • Generate your artifacts here and then copy the command.
I want pre-made artifacts that are strong:

What about Character Costumes?

As of this writing, they're broken / cannot be obtained. However, for the future:

/g 340000

/g 340001

/g 340002

/g 340003

/g 340004

Genshin Impact Private Server (Android) (3.3 GC) (3.2 GIO)

Rename Folder from Official APK (No-Root) (3.3 GC)

This method use rename folder package name so you need game data from Official APK Launcher .

  1. Download Mod APK Launcher 3.3 (Don't install yet)
  2. Install "Official APK" and make sure you download game data first by playing for first time on official server. and don't forget to download language audio pack if needed (in-game).
  3. Download and install "Ziparchive".
  4. Open "Ziparchive" and find folder game data in "storage/emulated/0/Android/data" and look for folder name with "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" for official version.
  5. Rename "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" to "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact.backup" (*Android 13 need root, others 11-12 don't need root)
  6. Then Uninstall Official APK after that install Mod APK
  7. Open "Ziparchive" and find folder game data in "storage/emulated/0/Android/data" and look for folder name with "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact.backup" for official version.
  8. Rename "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact.backup" to "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" (*Android 13 need root, others 11-12 don't need root)
  9. Open Game "Genshin Impact" to play private server ;)

Copy Data Game (No-Root) (3.2 GIO)

It's the same method only you only need to download game data from us so you don't need to download from official server or use Official Launcher at all. 
Note: Running 3.2 and playing with Official Server (3.3) using same Mod Launcher won't work due to different versions. so you have to separate it using Version 1 so you can use a different private server package name with official server.
  1. Download Mod APK Launcher 3.2 V2
  2. Download Game Data 3.2 (make sure you have downloaded all parts)
  3. Download and install "Ziparchive".
  4. Open "Ziparchive" and unzip file you can navigate/copy directly to Game Data in "storage/emulated/0/Android/data".
  5. Rename "com.miHoYo.ys.x" to "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" (*Android 13 need root, others 11-12 don't need root)
  6. Open Game "Genshin Impact" to play private server ;)

Game Data 3.3 (GC)

(Part 4GB=meaning you have to download all of them) (All 22GB) (Includes English and Japanese Audio)
Part1: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 161B5B3F1776D2E9A8E4519B1F48A078) 
Part2: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: F9648E88377CF25222C4C1D5D3737FF4) 
Part3: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 1C66F500768AE3F0CB635F06399C449D) 
Part4: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: C87B741A0AFFA69488CDDC6E2C421D65) 
Part5: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 8B0410B80E8641279E15DBF77E200070) 
Part6: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 8C053C363D336E88945EC46FE38516C1)
  • Rename folder name to com.miHoYo.YuukiPS if using Launcher Version 2. 

Game Data 3.2 (GIO)

(Part 4GB=meaning you have to download all of them) (All 18GB) (Audio English only) 
Part1: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: C6138A8CF8B9E220825C64A6A1FB1BD4) 
Part2: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 1FF7B3AEB29C045B29E64D6B12412C01) 
Part3: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 1848D9343C3BBC8CA7B3931392DCA0CC) 
Part4: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
Part5: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | OD1 | Terabox
(MD5: 262F0906C7B0FD76EE92ECB0F3055505)
  • If you are using Launcher Version 2 make sure you rename folder com.miHoYo.ys.x to com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact .
  • Make sure you check file with MD5 Checker Tool to make sure it has same value so that file you downloaded is original and not damaged.
  • Suggestions unzip this file via PC then copy it to /Android/data (Remember to make sure it's internal, not sdcard)

Mod APK Launcher 3.3 (GC)

Version 1: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | TeraBoxMediafireMega | OD1
Version 2: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3TeraBoxMediafireMega | OD1

Mod APK Launcher 3.2 (GIO)

Version 1: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | TeraBoxMediafireMega | OD1
Version 2: EU1 | SG1 | Anonfiles | GD1-1 | GD1-2 | GD2 | GD3 | TeraBoxMediafireMega | OD1


Why stuck "Preparing to load data 0.00%"?

Since you have passed what I have explained, FIRST YOU MUST DOWNLOAD GAME DATA FROM Official APK Launcher < never skip this. alternatively if you dont want to download from Official APK Launcher you can download Game Data from somewhere or backup from your other phone.

What's difference between Version 1 and 2?

V1 Can only connect to YuukiPS server.

V2 Can Connect to LocalHost, Official Server (not working again since 3.3+), YuukiPS and better for Fix Problem (0kb) loading time.

What's difference between GIO and GC?

GIO is a clone of all functions from official server which means all functions work 100% without any bugs and quests all work but can only run on Version 3.2.

GC is a server emulator that can run on latest versions and beta versions, but many functions don't work, it's just that commands are easier because they can be accessed via Ayaka Chat.

Failed to load il2cpp

Fix by delete folder "Unity","il2cpp" in Game Data Folder and enter game, the game opens without an error.

Error 4214

  • If you enter official server, which actually is not allowed to connect to official server using apk launcher mod because it is risky.
  • Server down or proxy still not working.
Update Link: 10/01/2023 (Add Game Data GIO via Terabox)

Genshin Impact Private Server (iOS) (3.3)


Genshin Impact Private Server (PC) (3.3)


YuukiPS Launcher

This is easiest way to connect, all you need to do is:

  1. Download Most Recent
  2. Download the .NET 6.0 Runtime, this is usually not necessary if you are using Windows 11 but just in case just download it. Select "Run desktop apps" and adjust it to your system.
  3. After all materials have been downloaded, now install .NET 6 (you just need to click next without changing existing configuration) (Maybe you need admin account access to do it)
  4. For zip file, you can unzip it using WinRAR then extract file to anywhere. (in my case i put it on Desktop (so C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\YuukiPS))
  5. You open "YuukiPS" folder (remember location in step 4) then click YuukiPS.exe
  6. Please wait until console menu and application appear (usually if there is an update you will get a notification so just click yes) (Every time you open application, you need admin account access)
  7. On Server List please select which server you want to connect to (in my case I choose YuukiPS) so please double click on line it will make it automatically written in "Server Address"
  8. Here you just need to press "Launch" then app will manage everything automatically you just need to wait until game opens.
  9. In some scenarios if you don't have Official Genshin Impact Launcher, app will notify you to choose "Which folder has game data?" so please look for where to put your game folder.
Cultivation Launcher + RSA Patch
1. Setting up the Game Data 
  • Option A < If you have Genshin (Official) 3.3 already installed, open its directory.
• [Copy] the [Genshin Impact game] folder where you plan to store YuukiPS.
• After it finishes copying, rename this folder to [Yuuki PS 3.3]
• For [Global]
◦ Download the []
◦ Download the []
• For [Chinese]
◦ Download the []
◦ Download the []
• Create a folder at a favored location, name it [Yuuki PS 3.3]
◦ Extract [] or [] to this new [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder.  
• Extract the [Audio_<Language>] files into your new [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder.
◦ Ensure it correctly merges / replaces the [GenshinImpact_Data] folder.

2. Download the RSA Patch
  • Extract the [.dll] and [.ini] into your [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder; replace older mhypbase.dll
3. Download Cultivation Launcher
[MSI - Windows 10 or 11]
• Download & install the MSI

[ZIP - Windows 7 or the MSI doesn't work]
• Download the .zip version, extract it to a permanent location.
• Download and install WebView so you can use Cultivation.exe

4. If you used MSI, a shortcut should have been created on your Desktop.
   If you used the Zip, you will need to right-click Cultivation.exe and make your own shortcut.
Move the shortcut wherever you want to keep it for easy access.
Right-click the shortcut → Properties → Compatibility Tab → [√] Run as Administrator
Apply → OK
5. Using the shortcut, open Cultivation and then click the Gear Icon in the top-right.

[Set Game Install Path] Set to where you put [Yuuki PS 3.3]'s GenshinImpact.exe
[Automatically Patch Metadata] [ ] Disabled
[Use Internal Proxy] [√] Enabled
[Wipe Login Cache] [√] Enabled
[Toggle Encryption] [ ] Disabled
[Install Proxy Certificate] Install the certificate - accept any prompts.
[Select Language] Set to your preferred language.

* Do not touch any other settings or click to download any files or you may have to redo Cultivation setup.

6. Close the Configuration Window, then in Cultivation's main window:

[Connect via Grasscutter] [√] Enabled
[Use HTTPS] [√] Enabled
[Server Address...]
[Port] 443

* The Server Address & Port may change in the future, keep an eye on Yuuki's Discord for updates.

7. Create an account & select your server:

* See [Troubleshooting] below if you have issues creating an account, etc.

• Set your Username, do not use the name of your Traveler.
• Use any kind of password. This password is not saved, you could just use "a".
• [Start game]
• Open the Server Selection box.
• Select either YuukiPS Europe (GC) or YuukiPS Asia (GC)
• Enter the game.

* Make sure Cultivation is closed and the proxy has turned off before trying to connect to Official Genshin again.