How to connect Genshin Impact 3.2 Private Server

How to connect Genshin Impact 3.2 Private Server

To connect with YuukiPS please follow steps below based on what you are currently using.


YuukiPS Launcher

This is the easiest way to connect all you need to do is:

  1. Download Most Recent
  2. Download the .NET 6.0 Runtime, this is usually not necessary if you are using Windows 11 but just in case just download it. Select "Run desktop apps" and adjust it to your system.
  3. After all materials have been downloaded, now install .NET 6 (you just need to click next without changing existing configuration) (Maybe you need admin account access to do it)
  4. For zip file, you can unzip it using WinRAR then extract file to anywhere. (in my case i put it on Desktop (so C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\YuukiPS))
  5. You open "YuukiPS" folder (remember location in step 4) then click YuukiPS.exe
  6. Please wait until console menu and application appear (usually if there is an update you will get a notification so just click yes) (Every time you open application, you need admin account access)
  7. On Server List please select which server you want to connect to (in my case I choose YuukiPS) so please double click on line it will make it automatically written in "Server Address"
  8. Here you just need to press "Launch" then app will manage everything automatically you just need to wait until game opens.
  9. In some scenarios if you don't have Official Genshin Impact Launcher, app will notify you to choose "Which folder has game data?" so please look for where to put your game folder.


This method use another package name so you can use both versions together if you have enough space.

  1. Download Modified Android Launcher
  2. Install "Official Version" and make sure you download game data first by playing for first time on official server.
  3. Install Modified Android. (t should appear another name "Genshin Impact - Black" this is for private server).
  4. Download and install "Ziparchive".
  5. Open "Ziparchive" and find folder game data in "storage/emulated/0/Android/data" and look for folder name with "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" for official version and "com.miHoYo.ys.x" for private server version.
  6. Rename "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact" to "com.miHoYo.ys.x" (*Android 13 need root, others 11-12 don't need root)
  7. Open Game "Genshin Impact - Black" then go to "YuukiPS" to play private server.


Not available so far


I can not access Internet?

This usually happens when you Close Launcher program but proxy is still active what you can do is delete proxy config created by program. in these scenarios if you are using Windows 11 you can delete it by right-clicking on Start Menu then clicking "Settings" then in Search you can type "Proxy" then several options appear you select "Change manual proxy server settings" in "Setup" section then click "Off" then "Save".

Failed to load il2cpp

This happens because you use Manual Patch Method or you have patched the patched file, solution is to return it to original file or use Online Patch Method to verify game data.

Error 4214

This happens if you use wrong patch or haven't patched or game version you are using is not supported or patched key1/key2 is not supported on server you are using, Solution please follow tutorial carefully.

Where can I download latest Game Data?

Download Genshin Impact

Password Discord: Melon2022