Commands for GIO Server

GIO doesn't have in-game commands so you can only do it via Web Command and Discord Bot

List of Basic Commands:

stamina infinite off|on
energy infinite off|on
kill self
kill monster all
wudi global avatar on|off (your infinite hp)
wudi global monster on|off (monster infinite hp)
talent unlock all
point 3 all (unlock all teleports)
quest accept 30904 (Unlock Multiplayer)
quest accept 35801 (Unlock Wish)
quest accept 35603 (Unlock Fly)
equip add 13501 90 6 (item_id=13501 level=90 protomte_level=6) (Add Weapons)
item add 102 555 (102=id_item) (555=Amount) (Add Item)
item add all (add all item + including all characters in level 1)
item clear 102 555 (Remove item)
avatar add 10000002 (Add character) (10000002=Ayaka :*)
quest add|accept|finish 30302 (Add/Accept/Finish Quest)
player level 60 (Level Player)
jump 1009 (Teleports to scene_id) (1009=AngelShare, not all id_scene work)
goto 1 1 1 (x,y,z in gc use /pos to see location)
dungeon 30604 (30604=id_scene not work) (Teleports to dungeon)
monster 20010101 5 20 {20010101=id_monster,5=total,20=level} spwan monster
mcoin 10000 (Genesis Crystal)
scoin 10000 (?)
hcoin 10000 (?)
home_coin 1000 (Realm currency)