Genshin Impact Private Server (PC) (3.3)


YuukiPS Launcher

This is easiest way to connect, all you need to do is:

  1. Download Most Recent
  2. Download the .NET 6.0 Runtime, this is usually not necessary if you are using Windows 11 but just in case just download it. Select "Run desktop apps" and adjust it to your system.
  3. After all materials have been downloaded, now install .NET 6 (you just need to click next without changing existing configuration) (Maybe you need admin account access to do it)
  4. For zip file, you can unzip it using WinRAR then extract file to anywhere. (in my case i put it on Desktop (so C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\YuukiPS))
  5. You open "YuukiPS" folder (remember location in step 4) then click YuukiPS.exe
  6. Please wait until console menu and application appear (usually if there is an update you will get a notification so just click yes) (Every time you open application, you need admin account access)
  7. On Server List please select which server you want to connect to (in my case I choose YuukiPS) so please double click on line it will make it automatically written in "Server Address"
  8. Here you just need to press "Launch" then app will manage everything automatically you just need to wait until game opens.
  9. In some scenarios if you don't have Official Genshin Impact Launcher, app will notify you to choose "Which folder has game data?" so please look for where to put your game folder.
Cultivation Launcher + RSA Patch
1. Setting up the Game Data 
  • Option A < If you have Genshin (Official) 3.3 already installed, open its directory.
• [Copy] the [Genshin Impact game] folder where you plan to store YuukiPS.
• After it finishes copying, rename this folder to [Yuuki PS 3.3]
• For [Global]
◦ Download the []
◦ Download the []
• For [Chinese]
◦ Download the []
◦ Download the []
• Create a folder at a favored location, name it [Yuuki PS 3.3]
◦ Extract [] or [] to this new [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder.  
• Extract the [Audio_<Language>] files into your new [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder.
◦ Ensure it correctly merges / replaces the [GenshinImpact_Data] folder.

2. Download the RSA Patch
  • Extract the [.dll] and [.ini] into your [Yuuki PS 3.3] folder; replace older mhypbase.dll
3. Download Cultivation Launcher
[MSI - Windows 10 or 11]
• Download & install the MSI

[ZIP - Windows 7 or the MSI doesn't work]
• Download the .zip version, extract it to a permanent location.
• Download and install WebView so you can use Cultivation.exe

4. If you used MSI, a shortcut should have been created on your Desktop.
   If you used the Zip, you will need to right-click Cultivation.exe and make your own shortcut.
Move the shortcut wherever you want to keep it for easy access.
Right-click the shortcut → Properties → Compatibility Tab → [√] Run as Administrator
Apply → OK
5. Using the shortcut, open Cultivation and then click the Gear Icon in the top-right.

[Set Game Install Path] Set to where you put [Yuuki PS 3.3]'s GenshinImpact.exe
[Automatically Patch Metadata] [ ] Disabled
[Use Internal Proxy] [√] Enabled
[Wipe Login Cache] [√] Enabled
[Toggle Encryption] [ ] Disabled
[Install Proxy Certificate] Install the certificate - accept any prompts.
[Select Language] Set to your preferred language.

* Do not touch any other settings or click to download any files or you may have to redo Cultivation setup.

6. Close the Configuration Window, then in Cultivation's main window:

[Connect via Grasscutter] [√] Enabled
[Use HTTPS] [√] Enabled
[Server Address...]
[Port] 443

* The Server Address & Port may change in the future, keep an eye on Yuuki's Discord for updates.

7. Create an account & select your server:

* See [Troubleshooting] below if you have issues creating an account, etc.

• Set your Username, do not use the name of your Traveler.
• Use any kind of password. This password is not saved, you could just use "a".
• [Start game]
• Open the Server Selection box.
• Select either YuukiPS Europe (GC) or YuukiPS Asia (GC)
• Enter the game.

* Make sure Cultivation is closed and the proxy has turned off before trying to connect to Official Genshin again.